Driving a Nissan LEAF from Leeds to Brussels

I believe that everyone has a personal responsibility to live a sustainable lifestyle. As part of my own reflection on how I can adjust my own lifestyle to be sustainable, I’ve been thinking about what impact the way I travel has on the environment.

Sidenote: My definition of living sustainably, is living a lifestyle that if everyone on Earth were to live too, would result in a rate of resource use that is within the Earth’s regenerative capacity.

As a family, we typically take several short haul European flights each year, mainly to visit my partners family in Poznan. As you’ll probably already be aware, travelling by plane is by far the most environmentally damaging way to travel.

In order to reduce our environmental impact, we’ve set out to cut down the amount of flying we do. As part of that we looked into the possibility of driving to Poznan in our Nissan LEAF instead of flying.

As of right now (March 2016), getting from Leeds to Poznan in a LEAF isn’t particularly realistic due to the lack of CHAdeMO rapid chargers in Germany/Poland (although there are plans in place to sort that out soon).

But seeing as there are a good amount of LEAF compatible rapid chargers in France/Belgium/Netherlands, we thought we would see what it’s like to take a long international trip in an electric car, so that if the opportunity to go to Poznan using the LEAF comes up, we’ll know what to expect.

It took quite a bit of planning and research to make this trip as easy as possible, so in order to save anyone else planning something similar from having to go through the same preparation that I did, i’m sharing it all here, as well as a summary of the trip. Continue reading “Driving a Nissan LEAF from Leeds to Brussels”